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Keerthish Kodali is  CEO & Founder of www.amjobhunter.info andwww.myblogstory.com . He is working as Sr. DevOps Engineer and has experience on Data Center Operations and also skilled in Systems engineering, Software Testing & Networking. He is passionate about Blogging and is addicted web designer. 

About Am Job Hunter  

We, being a page from Facebook   , moved to Blogging yesterday  and there by formed as www.Amjobhunter.info  with all your support today.

What we do :

  • We are here to collect job openings and related content from many companies , institutes , colleges etc  all over  India  and  bringing to your notice .
  • We are not related to any company / organisation / consultancy / outsourcing institute .
  • We work to give you a way for your bright future .
  • We are not expecting anything in return from you and all our service is for free.

Helping many people  by sharing the JOB information is what a single point made the formation of amjobhunter.

Wishing every individual to have a good job.

Thanks :

Started this blog with very few followers .But now , we are of many thousands.
Hoping to reach million followers soon .

Thanking you for all the support you gave in making this .