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Website link Blocked by Facebook ................ ???

How To Unblock website in facebook and Mcafee

Read Completely in getting a clear information 

Hi friends , Today I am going to tell you my own experience and struggle in making my web link to be shared in Facebook  .

I run a job searching Blog , you are here on the same site . I use to get more visitors from Facebook. Through Facebook only i started my web traffic building .
I use to post lot of job contents here and post related links over Facebook and pull visitors here .

My blogger site was made as per my Facebook page users request . After a few days , I thought of applying ad sense to my blog so that I can earn from it and there by can help more people for JOBs.

Google Ad-sense said NO to my blog as its very young . So there by i went for Clicksore  and Bidvertiser ads.

( Here comes the problem , which I am not aware of by that Time ) 
Days are moving good , I am getting a huge traffic from Facebook . But one fine day , all of a sudden I observed all my posts in Facebook Page got disappeared . Started down trend in my traffic graph .

Of course I am not a good Blogger / webmaster . With in my knowledge I googled for hours in getting the resolution to my problem but could n't get any .
Felt sharing the posts once again starting from next day , but there by i observed the following error message.

How To Unblock website in facebook and Mcafee

( As shown in the above Pic , My website is allowed to be shared in Facebook , but website URL extensions to any posts were not )

Now  I came to know what happened and reason behind the unavailability of my previous posts. Started requesting Facebook regarding the same .  Months passed  &  No response from Facebook end .

With in my knowledge , got an idea of changing blogspot to a custom domain which can make me to share the links in Facebook .
There by changed my Blogger to website followed by the  domain name .

Wow , Idea worked fine and I am able to share my web links .

But again after a month time , problem got repeated and was unable to share the links .

Now , I tried URL Shortening and sharing the links .

Ha ha damn funny  Facebook observed it soon , as Many people following the same for sharing their blocked websites and they blocked those shot links too.

Fed up and left every thing .

After a month , I tried opening my website in my workplace where they have a McAfee secured network . I observed that Clicksore pop-up ads running in my website were blocked by McAfee stating those as spam .

Now I got it , this is why Facebook blocked my site ....

( My website is rated as Yellow which mean little danger by McAfee and my website url extensions to any posts  like this  are in Red color which mean Spam and dangerous )

Here it is that same yellow was accepted  by facebook and url pointing to posts were not accepted to be shared in Facebook . This is why I thought that there is a link between Facebook and McAfee .
I removed all those ads and checked my web link in McAfee Site adviser website . Still it shows my site as Yellow and internal pages as RED.

Waited for many months but found same at Siteadviser website.
I had even gone through many websites which were blocked in Facebook were also rated Yellow and Red by McAfee Site adviser & Trustedsource .

( You can check yourself going to Facebook help and search for Blocked websites and  list them from Users  comments )

I moved to McAfee community forum and trowed a question to them

How To Unblock website in facebook and Mcafee
Got reply from moderator with in a few mins .

How To Unblock website in facebook and Mcafee

As per the suggestion , Created a account with Siteadviser and TrustedSource .
Raised a ticket requesting them for Re checking my website .

Today I got a Mail from them which is as follows

How To Unblock website in facebook and Mcafee

Now my website is categorized as Job searching website from Malicious website .
As per the mail , it will taking some time in getting web reputation . Expecting my website can be shared on Facebook There after .

Will Update here once web reputation  got completed ....

97% of websites , which were blocked in Facebook are of unsafe category from McAfee end.
I Am not sure that this is the only reason behind Facebook blocking , but as of my observation found it so .

And do remember one thing friends , pointing a spam website link directly or through some ads  also make your website to be marked as RED by McAfee . Check for those kind of links , remove them and make your  website to be spam free and apply for retesting .  You Can unblock your website from McAfee as well as Facebook .

This review given on basis of my personal experience , felt like sharing with you all which may / can help at-least one among you  .

As I told earlier , am not such a great webmaster . Recently started Blogging and I am not sure of these things in deep .

Experts suggestions are very much and always welcomed  Here ... Please Mail your suggestions.

Update :::

Yes ,.. Now I am able to share all the URL's of my website with out fail in Facebook .

It took around 3 months of time for all and all ..... But issue got cleared with out any struggle .

I identified it after 3 months , not sure whether it got resolved before itself or now ..

Any ways .... Now it won't get blocked in further days too.

That is why , I suggest all to go for this process rather than going for some tricks in posting your URL onto facebook.

Because , they may identify the trick and block all other ways too

Thanks you all for stopping over my blog .

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